Through a Shattered Glass COVER REVEAL + Preorder Info!

Hello hello hello! I’ve been working on Through a Shattered Glass on and off for a bit, and now I have some exciting news! Which you can probably guess from the title, but in case you’re the kind of person who skims past the title and just clicks the post: Through a Shattered Glass has a cover! And a release date! And, in a surprise to no one at all, it’s going to be released as part of the Broken Mirrors Arista Challenge Group.

So, who’s ready to see the shiny?

Drop the mirror and you break the world in two.

Alys hasn’t set foot in Wonderland in years. Not since the White Queen’s mirror shattered; not since her best friend, Kai Hatter, was killed; not since Alys fled back to her own world with a shard of enchanted mirror in her eye. She’s done her best to set aside the past and move on — until a red-painted rose appears in her room, and the portal opens once more.

Simultaneously desperate for hope and terrified of what she might find — or cause — Alys ventures back through the mirror. But the Wonderland she finds is not the same one she left behind, and though Kai is less dead than she thought, he still might be past saving. To make matters worse, the mirror shard is still in Alys’s eye, and Wonderland is all too susceptible to its corrupting power.

Only Alys can save the land and friend she loves — but if she’s not careful, she might be their doom instead.A dark portal fantasy remix of The Snow Queen and Lewis Carroll’s Alice duology.

Releasing December 23, 2022

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Yes, you did read that correctly — this will be my second book released this year. And yes, it is coming out just two days before Christmas, which means I will be extra busy this holiday season. It’s fine. (And yes, this means it may or may not arrive in time for Christmas gifts . . . but if it’s a little late, it’s fine. It spreads out the cheer, y’know?)

As I mentioned, Through a Shattered Glass is releasing alongside the rest of the Broken Mirrors collection, a group of six Snow Queen retellings, which I strongly encourage you to check out! They all sound SO GOOD. You can learn more about them by reviewing the escapades from last night’s Facebook party, but I also have some links here.

Snowfield Palace (The Austen Fairy Tale Book 4)
by Kendra E. Ardnek

A young girl struggles to find her place among her betters, only to have visitors send her world spinning.

Preorder on Amazon || Add to your Goodreads shelf || Discover the Series

The White Queen’s Spell (Sequel to The Dark King’s Curse)
by Wyn Estelle Owens

Danger abounds when curses combine, and now it’s Ailsa’s turn to be saved.

Preorder on Amazon || Add to your Goodreads shelf || Check Out Book 1

Shattered Reflection (The Shattered Lands Book 1)
by Madisyn Carlin

When her brother is taken, Layree must form an uneasy alliance with an old enemy to save him.

Preorder on Amazon || Add to your Goodreads shelf

Of Ice and Roses (A Flamesend Novel)
by Heather M. Elliott

As dangers mount, what is Gemma willing to sacrifice for the fate of two kingdoms?

Preorder on Amazon || Add to your Goodreads shelf

Christmas Games
by Erudessa Gentian

Beware the harmless Christmas Gift.

Preorder the ebook || Preorder in paperback || Add to your Goodreads shelf

Sound intriguing? I think so. Also, for the next week or so, you can preorder all of these in ebook form for just $0.99 each! So if any of these sound up your alley, make sure you get in soon to take advantage of this deal!

Also, if you’re as excited about this reveal as I am, you’re invited to help spread the word! We’ve put together a reveal packet with information about all six books. Feel free to share about any or all of them on your socials or blogs.

As a bonus, if you either preorder all six books OR share all six covers, you’ll receive a special PDF with a sneak peek of the first chapters of each book. And if you both preorder and share, you’ll also receive one of several free ebooks from the Broken Mirrors authors. Full details are available here.

So, what do you think of the cover? How excited are you about Through a Shattered Glass? Which Broken Mirrors retelling are you most excited for? (I hope it’s mine . . . but I won’t be offended if it’s not.) Please tell me in the comments!

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