In addition to my books, I write two blogs: Dreams and Dragons on Google’s Blogspot platform and Light and Shadows on WordPress.

Why Two Blogs?

The official answer is that no one platform is convenient for all readers, especially not when many of your readers are themselves bloggers. WordPress sites are easier to follow if you already use WordPress, and Blogspot sites are easier to follow if you already use Blogspot. In addition, I have awesome communities of followers on both sites, and I don’t want to lose anyone by consolidating to just one blog. So, I stick with two sites and everyone’s happy.

That said, if you ONLY want to hear from me about my writing, I cross-post a quarterly what-I’m-working-on overview here on this blog on the Writing Updates tab, which you are welcome to subscribe to!


Dreams and Dragons

Dreams and Dragons is the older of my two blogs, hosted on Google’s Blogspot. Though it began as a private blog where I could share my writing, art, and life with my family and friends, it went public in April 2013. Currently, Dreams and Dragons is a repository for various ramblings about books, writing, and life. It features some cross-posting from Light and Shadows, though many of those are expanded versions of Friday 5s features, along with blog tours, tags, and miscellaneous writings.


Light and Shadows

Light and Shadows is the younger of my two blogs, hosted on WordPress. It started as a writing blog created for the Potter School’s summer creative writing class but has since expanded to include books and life as well. Its main regular feature is Friday 5s, a weekly list post in which I discuss a variety of topics: new releases, favorite books and shows, awesome quotes, advice for various situations, and more.